Y3 – Day 319 – Surviving the Holiday Stress

Who in their right mind schedules a redo of their entire house right before Christmas? Well, I guess I can raise my hand to that one. Isn’t there enough stress during the holidays? Whenever you do anything ask yourself “Is this enriching my experience of being a human or is it too painful to add to my already busy life?

Here are the first five out of twenty ways we can survive this season.

  1. Stay Strong – Keep going to the gym so your body can keep up with the energetic strain in the air we all feel and give out.
  2. Stretch for Flexibility – maybe five minutes in the morning and the evening if you are short on time and who isn’t? Practice yoga even for a few minutes.
  3. Walk in Nature – It boosts endorphins and gives you a fresh perspective.
  4. Meditate – Just sit, close your eyes and take three to ten conscious deep breaths. Use one word like Peace or Love as a mantra, or chant a mantra in Sanskrit or recite the Our Father or a meaningful affirmation or visualize your happy place like the beach, mountains or a field of flowers and go there. Stare into a flame with your eyes open and try not to blink which is called tratik.
  5. Get at least one massage or DIY your neck, shoulders and feet with pain relieveing cream.

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