Y3 – Day 318 – Kindness is not a Weakness

Have you ever noticed that some people translate your kindness into a weakness and then try to take advantage of you or treat you like you are less than?

Well….to those people I say…

Kindness does not mean one worships another nor is subservient. So kindness to self is knowing one’s place in the world, one’s limits and one’s center of gravity.

Kindness does not mean one takes responsibility for another’s choices. So kindness to self is to have clear demarcation of what’s one’s business and what isn’t.

Kindness does not mean one tries to “fix it” or take on another’s emotions nor react to them. So kindness to self would encourage one to pause and calmly respond.

Kindness does not mean one is expected to be of service. So kindness to self asks one to weigh one’s availability or possibility at that time and it is always a choice.

Kindness does not mean one always says “Yes”.  So kindness to self is balancing one’s platter of activities and knowing “NO” is a complete sentence. And no explanation needed.

IMG_0105Thank you J for this lovely lighted mirror and the personalized artwork on the cover.



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