Y5 – Day 84 – Worthy, last thoughts

I am a capable, competent woman filled with courage, power and confidence.

THINK ACTION: Dwell on your purpose and sense of worthiness. Do you treat yourself as a worthy human being?

How can you build your understanding of self-worth without swinging the pendulum too far and becoming self-absorbed, self-centered or conceited?

When have you found more joy in the doing or giving than in the product or the monetary reward?

Write a list of ways, reasons and attributes that make your existence a beneficial one to the world (start slow and gentle if you are humble – but proceed nonetheless).

Y5 – Day 83 – Worthy, page 5

Is there a dream you are determined to accomplish? Does your authentic self feel it must pursue a certain course of action? By and large, when we are vigilant, honest and positive, we succeed.

The greatest gift of insight is to know you deserve all you are blessed with. Recognize and acknowledge your triumphs. With this in mind, envision what you still can be and do.

We are all worthy of love, respect and encouragement. No matter what has happened to you before today, no matter how you judged yourself – you do matter.

Y5 – Day 82 – Worthy, page 4

Look back and remember one sentient being that needed you. Perhaps, you tended to or interceded in their behalf. Maybe you rescued a dog, supported a family member, neighbor, or even a stranger.

Think about a time you helped one sequence of events along or changed one life for the better. Appreciate you existed at that moment to aid another.

When I answer the phone to listen to a companion, take a meal to a sick friend or exchange niceties with people in the world, my day is brighter.

We accept our own worthiness as we give out kindnesses.

Y5 – Day 81 – Worthy, page 3

Your tasks and chores may appear meaningless, common or mundane, never ending – a runaway train on the rails. We can make them special, however, by envisioning them as fruitful, necessary and giving.

Give your best self to your career or sail away to a different shore. For, example, my first paying job was in Argentina. I packaged and stored fruitcakes in a hot bakery. With other temporary, part-time working women we stacked the holiday goodies in the warehouse’s floor to ceiling shelves. I toiled for mere pennies yet I took pride in showing I could keep up with the careful, skillful packagers and the fastest stockers.

It is in the striving and exertion, not the dividend, that we sense and grasp our worth. In other words, we profit from giving our best in all of our transactions.

Y5 – Day 80 – Worthy, page 2

Even if today you get low, blue or hopeless – understand that in the hushed dark of your descents – you are still precious and loved. If walls are closing in, remain calm. When the time comes, you are led through a lit window or an open door. This has happenned to you often.

Sometimes it is in our best interest to stay quiet or away. In a protected cocoon, we ward off drama and trauma. For instance, when the love of my life was in a terrible car accident, I was thousands of miles apart from him. Strangely enough, it was his near-death experience that changed my geographic location (moving closer to him after) and so my story’s trajectory. When I lost myself to an abusive relationship, I stayed quiet, not rocking the boat. Meanwhile, I planned my escape.  It is only in the battle we reveal our worth — not in the revelry after.

Y5 – Day 79 – Worthy, page 1

from book:


” Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu

No doubt, we are here for a reason. You have a right to be here and a right to your awakening. Although your purpose might still be a mystery to you today – the inner journey – is part of the discovery. The quest is your vehicle to self-actualization. By the same token, finding and executing our mission on earth is our life’s work. In fact, you may achieve many goals, go on several paths or keep one singular focus. But, as long as we take a breath, we have tasks, struggles and achievements to complete. You and I are valuable to the world’s intricate web of human evolution.

Y5 – Day 78 – Namaste to you

FROM April 30th of upcoming book

“The entire path of the Vitraag Lords (the enlightened one) is one of humility (vinaya). The practice of humility (vinaya dharma) begins from Hindustan (India). There are endless practices of humility, starting from putting two hands together (in the gesture of Namaste) to prostrating. And ultimately when one attains absolute humility (param vinaya), he attains moksha (ultimate liberation).” 
Dada Bhagwan (Author and teacher of Self-Realization).

Namaste (pronounced (nah-mah-stay), the closing at the end of yoga practice, is a sign of respect and devotion to the divine light in each and every one of us. This acknowledgement of our spiritual connection makes our time together a hallowed experience. Our yoga becomes a sanctuary of worship.

Basically, Namaste translates to – “I honor the divine light that shines in me and I bow to the divine light that shines in you”.

Although it originated and can be traced back to an epic poem from ancient India, more than two thousand years ago, it is still used today to greet or bid someone farewell.

We bring our hands in front of our hearts. The palms touch and the thumbs rest on the heart. Now, in prayer position or Anjali Mudra (hand pose), we bow our heads, in a gesture of reverence and gratitude and say “Namaste” to the group. We nod to each other in worship and thanks as a way to unify and complete the class at the end of our yoga time together.

Printed on a coffee cup I love to give as gifts, it states, “Namaste. I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, light, peace and joy. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, We Are One.”

When we realize what we do to others, we inherently do to ourselves, we are kinder, more compassionate and accepting.

I honor the place in you that is the same in me.  I honor the place in you where the whole universe resides.  I honor the place in you of love, of light, of peace and of truth.  I honor the place in you that is the same in me.  There is but one.

Y5 – Day 77 – Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose (Tadasana) – Start pose for all standing poses

  1. Stand tall and relaxed on your mat with feet hip width distant apart. Lift your toes and wiggle, place your weight on the balls and heels so you feel grounded and balanced. This is your foundation.
  2. Bend your knees slightly and stabilize your lower half. Imagine you are rooting into the earth. Allow the upper half of your body, from the torso to the head, to feel light and relaxed. Imagine you are rising up to the heavens.
  3. Relax your shoulders. Let your arms hang by the side of your body. Pull in your chin. Align your shoulders over your hips and hips over your ankles. 
  4. Release the tension in your face (eyes, jaw and throat). Breathe in and out with consciousness. When you align the head, neck and spine in one straight line, you improve your balance, posture and stability. Your body becomes a supportive foundation for all other balance and standing postures.

Y5 – Day 76 – Kindness, last thoughts for awhile

Kindness heals, forgives and exudes love. Benevolence and goodness rise from a soft place in your heart. It is a vulnerable spot. Yet, when you reach in, locate this power full of grace, embody its meaning and generously give it away – you find strength and peace. As you show amiability, you engender more of it. Furthermore, an overwhelming sentiment of gratitude fills your spirit. A great sense of abundance embodies the awareness that you are the breath of life.

Recognize the string of events as you practice kindness. Witness the wonders of miracles and apply good will in all of your affairs. Kindness is just a choice to respond with Love.

I respect myself and others by treating everyone with courtesy.

THINK ACTION: List books that have taught you valuable truths. Next time you open your mouth, send a text, email or letter – ask yourself three questions attributed to Rumi: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Or use the Al-Anon THINK acronym: Is it thoughtful, honest, intelligent, necessary and kind?