Y5 – Day 80 – Worthy, page 2

Even if today you get low, blue or hopeless – understand that in the hushed dark of your descents – you are still precious and loved. If walls are closing in, remain calm. When the time comes, you are led through a lit window or an open door. This has happenned to you often.

Sometimes it is in our best interest to stay quiet or away. In a protected cocoon, we ward off drama and trauma. For instance, when the love of my life was in a terrible car accident, I was thousands of miles apart from him. Strangely enough, it was his near-death experience that changed my geographic location (moving closer to him after) and so my story’s trajectory. When I lost myself to an abusive relationship, I stayed quiet, not rocking the boat. Meanwhile, I planned my escape.  It is only in the battle we reveal our worth — not in the revelry after.

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