Y5 – Day 76 – Kindness, last thoughts for awhile

Kindness heals, forgives and exudes love. Benevolence and goodness rise from a soft place in your heart. It is a vulnerable spot. Yet, when you reach in, locate this power full of grace, embody its meaning and generously give it away – you find strength and peace. As you show amiability, you engender more of it. Furthermore, an overwhelming sentiment of gratitude fills your spirit. A great sense of abundance embodies the awareness that you are the breath of life.

Recognize the string of events as you practice kindness. Witness the wonders of miracles and apply good will in all of your affairs. Kindness is just a choice to respond with Love.

I respect myself and others by treating everyone with courtesy.

THINK ACTION: List books that have taught you valuable truths. Next time you open your mouth, send a text, email or letter – ask yourself three questions attributed to Rumi: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Or use the Al-Anon THINK acronym: Is it thoughtful, honest, intelligent, necessary and kind?


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