Y5 – Day 75 – Kindness, day 3

When another is unkind, we get to ask – what are they afraid of? What is going on in their life? Where is this stemming from? Unquestionably, fear and pain are involved. A person – writhing in agony from living inside of their own skin – lashes out. Have you ever seen a wounded animal and how it snarls? When we see an unfortunate soul suffering, we need not take it personally. Their harshness is not directed towards us. This objectivity allows us to breed kindheartedness.

We do not have to co-exist with unkindness or approve it. But, we get to analyze and realize the anguish behind it. Then with loving detachment, we say a healing prayer for the tormented person. In this manner, we avoid resentment, but stay in our truth.

And, when you have been inappropriate, you get to look at what is underneath your cruel or rude behavior. In fact, it is a distress signal. What lies beneath the snarky, bitter or snappy remark?

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