Y4 – Day 50 – Extra Day

An extra day, every Presidential Election Year – a coincidence – I think not.


Certainly not during a campaign – where are the Yoga candidates when we need them? – oh, that’s right, you need a huuuuuuuuge EGO to run for office of any kind.

Maybe that’s why the wise ones, sages and seers are hardly ever heard. They are busy meditating, praying and praising on what is right in this world – And sending gratitude for this moment, leading by example, not by promotion.

Y4 – Day 48 – Willingness

Willingness, Readiness vs. Resistance, Fear are states of being. I have learned the difference by watching how others react and live their lives, as well as my own self-observations and self-evaluations.

When I resist, problems still exist or even get worse. Nothing gets better.

When I am willing to be willing and I am ready to try something different and think outside my own box, solutions work, I get to experiment, I grow and become the glowing light inside me.

Bright lights and stars don’t resist glittering up the evening sky – they are prepared and eager to shine!!!

Y4 – Day 46 – How Do I Hear Thee?

Sound and Music are essential to my life, yet I enjoy the utter silence when I write.

Walking and Yoga are prime ways I enjoy movement, yet I cherish the resting when I write.

Learning and Engaging with others is a treasure, yet I savor the solitude when I write.

Meditating and Inner Renewals are a requirement for my sanity, yet I need to express and give forth when I write.


Y4 – Day 45 – Goddess Box

IMG_0734I am Loving my monthly Goddess Provisions Box that my husband gifted me. This is number one, themed: Self-Love . Raw chocolate, crystals, a bracelet to remind me to be thankful, cards I already used at yoga time this week and it was spot on and a heart chakra candle with a teeny, tiny piece of white chalk to write your intended motif for your meditation.

Plus, it was such a delight to share my “vegan cuts” box’s sample of perfume this month with my yoga ladies called of all things, “Yogini”.

I love these boxes of goodies!!! Even Cindi gets one!! 



Y4 – Day 43 – Healing with Writing

I read Louise de Salvo quite a bit and she is an expert on using writing as a healing tool.

According to de Salvo, the way to heal our wounds is not to just write about the event unemotionally nor to write out the emotions only without describing the event. It is the combination of placing yourself back in the situation emotionally while you depict the facts of what went on – together – that heals the soul.

I have used this method and it can be quite illuminating as it detaches you finally and brings you to a new place, a different perspective if you will, where you’re not all wounded. It is a moment of clarity while re-living the very thing you have been trying to avoid.

You re-create a scene or an emotion you are grappling with by allowing yourself to occupy the body of the person in the past.

This allows you to think it through rationally yet decisively.

Y4 – Day 42 – ReDo of Bar Cabinet

I forgot to take a before picture of this cabinet. Imagine it completely brownish, inside and out, with ugly hardware. It will now house all of our TV and Xbox paraphernalia, I think.

I am painting the inside a bright coral and white because I love to look inside and be surprised, plus don’t you like a purse with a light lining interior as opposed to a dark one so you can see all your stuff better? I can never find anything in a dark or black, inner lined pocketbook.

I am probably about one fifth or one quarter away from finishing this, depending on how many colors it wants me to use and what techniques it has in store for me.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out, eventually.



Y4 – Day 41- More Rights

To paraphrase Whitfield’s explanation of, and advocacy for boundaries: If we are rigid with them we would end up isolated and alone, if we are too loose, we end up letting others invade us, but with healthy boundaries, we can be flexible, open and appropriate, evolving into compassion and unconditional love, the highest forms of consciousness.

And last but not least, the next twelve rights.

I have the right to:

25. Be relaxed, playful and frivolous.

26. Be flexible and be comfortable with doing so.

27. Change and grow.

28. Be open to improve my communication skills so that I may be understood.

29. Make friends and be comfortable around people.

30. Be in a nonabusive environment.

31. Be healthier than those around me.

32. Take care of myself, no matter what.

33. Grieve over actual or threatened losses.

34. Trust others who earn my trust.

35. Forgive others and to forgive myself.

36. Give and to receive unconditional love.

OK – So which ones do we have to work on?