Y4 – Day 43 – Healing with Writing

I read Louise de Salvo quite a bit and she is an expert on using writing as a healing tool.

According to de Salvo, the way to heal our wounds is not to just write about the event unemotionally nor to write out the emotions only without describing the event. It is the combination of placing yourself back in the situation emotionally while you depict the facts of what went on – together – that heals the soul.

I have used this method and it can be quite illuminating as it detaches you finally and brings you to a new place, a different perspective if you will, where you’re not all wounded. It is a moment of clarity while re-living the very thing you have been trying to avoid.

You re-create a scene or an emotion you are grappling with by allowing yourself to occupy the body of the person in the past.

This allows you to think it through rationally yet decisively.

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