Y4 – Day 41- More Rights

To paraphrase Whitfield’s explanation of, and advocacy for boundaries: If we are rigid with them we would end up isolated and alone, if we are too loose, we end up letting others invade us, but with healthy boundaries, we can be flexible, open and appropriate, evolving into compassion and unconditional love, the highest forms of consciousness.

And last but not least, the next twelve rights.

I have the right to:

25. Be relaxed, playful and frivolous.

26. Be flexible and be comfortable with doing so.

27. Change and grow.

28. Be open to improve my communication skills so that I may be understood.

29. Make friends and be comfortable around people.

30. Be in a nonabusive environment.

31. Be healthier than those around me.

32. Take care of myself, no matter what.

33. Grieve over actual or threatened losses.

34. Trust others who earn my trust.

35. Forgive others and to forgive myself.

36. Give and to receive unconditional love.

OK – So which ones do we have to work on?

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