Y4 – Day 40 – Rights of Humans

Here are the next twelve rights from Charles Whitfield’s observations and beliefs.

I have the right to:

13. Make mistakes and not have to be perfect.

14. Expect honesty from others.

15. All of my feelings.

16. Be angry at someone I love.

17. Be uniquely me, without feeling that I’m not good enough.

18. Feel scared and to say, “I’m afraid.”

19. Experience and then let go of fear, guilt and shame.

20. Make decisions based on my feelings, my judgment or any reason that I choose.

21. Change my mind at any time.

22. Be happy.

23. Stability, i.e., “roots” and stable healthy relationships of my choice.

Oh and I love this one as I sit in our new

spangled office with our snoring dog at my feet.

24. My own personal space and time needs.

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