Y5 – Day 94 – Sedona

Sedona is majestic and magical. We could see face profiles, animals and various inanimate ¬†objects in the red rock formations. Hiking with good ole Cindi went well till she nearly collapsed in the heat. The hikes are steep in places and the pebbled floor is irregular. Yet, the beauty of contrast, light and energy invigorates. Our dog could have cared less about the view and just wanted to keep up. We stopped here and there and let her drink water from her dish under the shade of a twisted tree or stone overhang. She’s so eager to please she never once begged to be picked up, although we did, anyhow.




Y5 – Day 93 – Self Talk

My past does not define me.

I am a new improved woman everyday.

I invite Faith to rule my actions – the faith to hear my intuition, highest self and what is authentically me.

I have the choice to read, watch, think, wear, do and listen to what’s best for me.

The new me loves to walk and move more. I mindfully eat and stop when almost full.

I let go of the overwhelming need to control and let goddess, the process of life and the law of probability take care of it.

I declutter and maintain my spaces in order to have clarity.

I intend affirmative and lasting transformation by incorporating the above beliefs into my life.