Y3 – Day 2 – Resting – Plus – Prep

Resting, cleaning, putting dishes, gifts and silverware away. Plus, last minute shopping, prepping and packing for Japan. Our daughters are backpacking (in the coldest winter since who knows when) around Japan for 2 weeks. Hostels, bullet trains (shinkansen) and low budget traveling is for the 21 and under crowd.

A great app for International texting and photos is What’s App? if you ever need or want to keep in ‘comunicado’ with travelers or family abroad.

Yen are so beautiful, I just had to take some pictures.


Look for better and better photos, my Christmas gift was a camera with attachable lens capabilities. It might take me a while to learn how to focus and get the most out of my new viewfinder but I will surely practice and post as I go.

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