Y3 – Day 84 – little birdie

DSC09307This little guy graced my patio deck right where I could glimpse him from my kitchen window as I washed some dishes up in Lake Arrowhead. I immediately thanked the Earth for this adorable friend, for its appearance, existence and my ability to stop and contemplate the good all around me. I spent most of the day up here wrestling with the furnace and spying the little birdie gave me a sense of ease and comfort. I KNEW everything would be all right. He left but I could still trace his path as he flew away to close in trees and shrubs and then he came back and posed for me again, giving me his other Hollywood stance and a view of his back.

DSC09306Small and yet important. Just a gesture, a nod from the Universe. I smiled, laughed inside and felt not alone. I KNEW I was connected to all living, breathing and vibrating beings.

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