This week our theme is Balance.  Using Geranium and Sandalwood oils centers our olafactory sense with male/female balance.  The crystal is Tiger Eye which balances between extremes.  Starting and ending our practice with Savasna.  Balancing our bodies and minds and breath on the mat, helps us bring balance to the outside lives we lead in this world.

Balance is about creating breathing room between activities.  Creating Space into our daily routine.  It is about silence and commotion-about yin/yang – about fire and water – about earth and sky – the feminine and the masculine-left/right – up/down – east/west,north/south – hot and cold.

And in that center fulcrum lies the heart, the middle ground – the soul which is home, where everything radiates out of and enters in.  Radiating forth and inhaling energy in.

Such is the pulse and the balance we seek in Life.  This balance creates bliss and peace.  How can you become more moderate in your measures today, this week?  More even in you flow throughout the day?





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