Y3 – Day 113 – Nature/Nurture

IMG_3919Aware this morning that our planet and climate will do as it may, I gazed in awe at the wind; the breath of the planet, the fog rolling in like rapid ghosts fleeing the light, the wet air clinging to other molecules and the dense space, brimming with evergreen, earthy essence and ground vibrations trembling with gratitude for the rain; tears of joy cleansing our mountain top sanctuary.

 Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

As I meditated, breathing into my chakras, expelling stale and useless thoughts, I inhaled the life force I sensed around me, using my human experience to touch, smell, hear, taste and see it enter inside me, envelop me, surround and protect me.

I walk in gratitude and connected.

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