Y4 – Day 346 – All Will Be Revealed

The Emperor’s clothes are off and more people are seeing him as denuded, finally. Sooner or later, more will be revealed. Therefore, I turn even more attention to writing the legislative branch, sign more petitions and make more phone calls. Meanwhile, I continue to support the NRDC which does exhaustive work to save our planet, Planned Parenthood which provides to save our women, the ACLU and The Trevor Project which saves LGBTQ lives.

I speak, I write of love. Love is also protesting. Just as a mama bear fights wildly to protect her cubs, so does demonstrating for fairness, freedom and love, exhibit love. If we don’t respond with outrage, we are fools who deserve what we get. The political scene demands love in the form of marches, calls and involvement now, without delay.

Even shy and humble souls are standing up. In a word, our heads can no longer be in the sands nor in the clouds. Yes, we will persist.

Besides raising children, I have never been more tapped into Love; firmly, deliberately and actively. To be sure, the silver lining around this fiasco, is our participation in love’s united shield of righteousness.

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