Y3 – Day 261 – Loving It

Discussing Love it or List It was going on around here. And I believe we are going to love it. After attending countless open houses, surfing the entire array of available homes with pictures on the internet, driving by and frowning at all the treeless small lots, we are going to dig in and just renew our abode.

Plans and updates to follow. I figure if I am going to go through another whole house upgrading, I need to chronicle it. Because it always takes longer and costs more than you initially think and it might be a great way for me to vent, think, re-think, imagine and live through it.

With three kids in tow, we managed to barely live through our addition and remodel back in 1997-1999. There were no cell phones, never mind laptops then. I had no time to keep a log or diary except for bills and before and after pictures. This time, I am committed to journaling through it. I might not post it, but I am totally going to document this historic account somewhere in writing.

After much discussion, I had my friend M, the designer/general contractor over. She walked the whole house and gave me her vision after I gave her mine. Tomorrow she returns for a second round so we can get a more concrete conception.

Meanwhile, maintenance continues. Last week, our hot water wasn’t working and toilets were leaking. We had our plumber fix it and now, our air conditioner gave out last night. I know it is retrograde and things break down but it is also a super time to get things mended or improved. Hopefully, the repair person coming to take a look at it today in the late afternoon can get it running again.

I see the $$$$ coming out of our renovation already but you have to get everything up to par before you can do the fun stuff like decor.

Alas, it is the from-frou and the hope and desire for the end result, that will keep me motivated.


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