Y3 – Day 260 – Too Faced

Oh man, do I like make-up. You may not see it on me much but when I do wear it – I go all out and I have been playing with makeup since I was very young, before I was allowed to “legally” wear it outside the home. I was allowed pastel, creamy, luminescent eye shadow to play wear (only inside the house). Lipstick, the same, pale, nude gloss. But I loved the drama and in another life maybe I would have been a make-up artist. I know whenever I got the chance, I helped backstage at the high schools I taught at with the art of masquerading using cosmetics.

DSC00592I have these in every color – imagine my surprise and giddiness to see them adult sized instead of pocket sized.

Yesterday, after the beach, we travelled to the most talked about job site at my house since Urban Decay, Too Faced. The entire interior is bubbly pink, with shiny, sparkly, heavily crystallized chandeliers and glitz and glamour, old Hollywood style a la Barbie doll. Andy Warhol looking wallpaper of Marilyn and pouty pink lip impressions on gilded foil is strategically used throughout.


I have probably almost single-handedly made these two male owners the millionaires that they are with all the Too Faced products I have loved and purchased since they began back in the late ’90’s.

Thank you Jeremy and Jerrod for the joy and empowerment of your vision.

Thank you to the love of my life for surprising me with a visit to their brand new building he helped decorate, based in Irvine.


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