Y4 – Day 320 – Honestly

I regret all the times I was ever harsh or judgmental with others. It’s not in my nature.

Whenever I have been swayed by opinion, it’s because I haven’t recognized my own power.

I must reach for my potential, for my soul’s sake, here on Earth.

I need to write because it does me good, whether no one except me reads it.

I can be such a perfectionist, I never finish. I dodge ‘my work’ by adding a million other distractions. Clever girl. That’s my ego. Ego is not owning, earning or listening to your highest, empowered self. Ego is avoidance. Ego wants me to fail and feel like a victim.

My highest self wants the Best for me. The Best is to fulfill dreams, carrying out legacies, whatever that is or looks like.

When you have been rejected, corrected and abandoned, find or make your own support groups. Gather them around you. Make it your responsibility to be appreciated.

One thought on “Y4 – Day 320 – Honestly

  1. Oh HI!
    It’s you!
    I was loving on some of your recipes and clicked a link and here I am…..at your blog.
    Looks like I’m following, which is good. I hope life is treating you excellent.
    Thank you so much for the musings. Something to think about. 🙂
    Love you!
    Cherylan Hils

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