Y5 – Day 65 – July 2017


“Summer is not so much a season as a melody, that tune of contentment we hum as the days begin to beautifully blur.” – Sarah B. Breathnach

In July we celebrate, amuse ourselves and we learn to recognize, appreciate and behave with kindness. We continue to garden in the spiritual and worldly realm.

July lures us outside with a whiff of backyard bar-b-que smoke, the anticipation of packed picnics in the park and the candle or twinkle light sparkle of evening, outdoor patio dining.

Wavy water sports, beaches drenched in sunblock and stylish pool parties entice us. We dip our bare and painted toes (or more) into the relief of cool temperature water as we sip on icy beverages. We traipse around in trendy summer fashions with our hip sunglasses, slinky sandals and attractive, wide brimmed hats. July is festive.

In July, kids are on holiday and families take vacations or day trips. We get away from ordinary time tables. The hot, hot heat demands we lounge more. And, as the nights are temperate, we partake of mauve and orange dusks, perhaps sharing the evening with friends.

July creates harmony with its flowers, fruits and vegetables abloom. What we prepared and sowed in spring procreates and ripens in the merry seventh month of the year. Salads of fresh cut greens and fruits become a daily part of our meal and snack repertoire. Peaches and stone fruits peak. Bright pink, vibrant magenta and flaming orange zinnias stand tall against the early sunrise. Geraniums in fiery scarlet, neon fuchsia, deep red salsa and coral colors thrive in the direct summer sun. Competing with the warm and drowsy sunsets, the buds of American Beauty red and Texas yellow roses rage with wild and open sweet fragrant delight. Honey bees hum, fireflies glow and butterflies flit.

July rejoices with benevolent and vivacious charm.

I fulfill my higher purpose with kindness.

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