Y5 – Day 67 – Brown’s Park

Sight and Sound

“In this fleeting moment, what extravagant respite, as Promethian sunsets blossom blaze and recede from splendor to mystery.

In this fleeting moment, what extravagant respite, as booming surf speaks its mystical passage across the undreamed depths.”

Raymond Persinger

Crunched between densely built ocean front Laguna Beach property, lies a peaceful slice of real estate called Brown’s Park. The land was donated by Joe Brown after his grandfather’s house was ruined by a severe winter storm. At the end of the narrow yet long walkway there’s a spectacular view of the ocean. The overlook is pointed like the bow of a ship. Raymond Persinger’s poem is etched into his artistic iron sculpted fence at the precipitous edge. Persinger, head of Sculpting at Laguna College of Art &  Design, forged his handiwork in 2002. 


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