Interestingly enough there are several definitions for vamp and…

If to vamp as a verb means to improvise then that is exactly what this blog has always been about.

The full moon eclipse will be tomorrow – so it’s time (if you haven’t already) to get rid of what doesn’t serve us anymore and bring in the new. This could mean in the realm of relationships, jobs, objects or even behaviors. This may happen even if you don’t want it to, so astrology says “go with the flow”.

For my part, I am giving up certain ideals, expectations and beliefs.

And, I deserve to bring in more movement, discipline and writing practice because I realize that’s what I want to usher in and encourage in myself.

Let the re-programming begin.
Tomorrow is the eclipse. Let go of whatever is bogging you down with no reservations or much ado and invite a new habit, career, friend or place to gracefully enter into your life.

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