Clean, Clear and Crisp

Clearing mountain fog covered the valley below, a fluffy blanket thrown carelessly into the air, softly landing into a misty sea of sky and horizontal waves.

From the ridges of the hills, the haze shifted, sinking and sheltering the lowlands with wisps of vapor, criss-crossing hues of greys and off- whites.

Eventually, sunrise crept over the pinnacles and the sun’s fate today was to light up the upper atmosphere in celestial blue, a blank canvas to behold.

In the depths of the creviced, steep shears of granite and conifers where compacted sediment, was layered and settled, both scrub and succulent shared life with the deer, the bear, the critters, the fowl and the dreaded, California black rattlesnake.

Lucky for me, the oak leaves and pine needles now shimmered with their dew and the magic of the day was set in motion with gratitude. I watched to admire, felt festive and joyous and acknowledged this bright new day as sacred.


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