Y4 – Day 212 – Dear Goddess

“My life is a fabulous journey of discovery.” – anon

Dear Goddess (I wrote) –

Help me learn and let it  – the words – the writing – flow freely and succinctly and make sense.

Help me find the time and motivation and wherewithal to organize and keep house and paperwork meticously grouped and classified.

Help me remain interested and work towards our beautiful gardens and landscape.

Help me find time to seek solace, silence and serenity wherever I am.

“I am persistent in reaching my goals.” – anon

P.S. Let me find humor and laugh whole heartedly at myself.

With Love and Gratitude,


Needless to say, Goddess had lots of ways and means to gift me with flaws and faux pas, in the following few days after I wrote this, to openly and publicly display for everyone’s amusement. I think she skipped reading the letter, skimmed to the bottom and just read the postscript.

Just be careful what you ask for.

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