Y4 – Day 205 – Chakra Color Chart

img_1789First Chakra – I AM – Survival, tribe, foundation, earth, grounding, you deserve to be here.

Second Chakra – I FEEL – Emotion, creativity, flow, movement, sexual, you deserve to have feelings.

Third Chakra – I DO – Power, willpower, discipline, structure, potential, you deserve to choose to do and be anything.

Fourth Chakra – I LOVE – Heart, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, compassion, you deserve to love and be loved since you are centered in and exist because of love.

Fifth Chakra – I SPEAK  – Expression, communication, translation, interpretation, listen, you  deserve to freely demonstrate and share your gifts with the world.

Sixth Chakra – I SEE – Vision, ESP, insight, intuition, conscious awareness, you deserve to be cognizant of your higher intelligence.

Seventh Chakra – I UNDERSTAND – Connection to Source, higher vibration, light, reverence, awe, you deserve to acknowledge your divinity

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