Y4 – Day 206 – Organize Self

Do you spend way too much time thinking and reading about time management and not enough energy into actually managing your time?

Have you bought many books and paraphernalia to get you organized but enjoy the idea of decluttering into three different labeled (hopefully pretty) boxes rather than in fact sorting through it all?

Do you have three million projects started and none finished?

Are you moving the same pile around from room to room?

Have you been organizing stuff that maybe you need to just trash?

I love that Tidy book, still on the best seller’s list, that asks you to touch and review each item one by one and ask if it sparks joy for you or not. Doesn’t that depend on the day? Well, sometimes. Great ideas but I need more help than that.

I am reading a book currently that I could have written, the author is just like me. It is titled Make Room for what you Love, by Melissa Michaels. She finally figured out that her problem was decision making. She would put off figuring out what to do with something and then it was too overwhelming to tackle the mess that would undoubtedly accumulate. I get this lady. I love that she sounds even worse than me back in her procrastination heyday. Her list of excuses for not making a decision seem strangely familiar. It is the perfectionists and “I don’t want to get anything wrong” person’s bane. It is the “What If?” people.

My decision making skills are getting a makeover. Hopefully this will help me with my sentimental and odd attachments to things.

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