Y4 – Day 207 – Efficiency

Having a schedule to make yourself more efficient sounds “fabulous, darling.”

Unfortunately, it takes discipline to implement this so-called structure.

For Christ sake’s I am an aspiring wordsmith who frequently forgets her words. Plus, I misuse cliches all the time. I get my metaphors mixed up with my similes. I struggle with stuff I am passionate about. How am I supposed to get all amped up for methodically checking off my to do list?

Perhaps I run deeper. I need a reason. What if my goal is to bring me to the REAL goal?

What if each tiny act is taking me closer to my underlying purpose?

So I asked myself, “What is the point of decluttering?”

This answer will take me more time to mull over but initially I am leaning towards the “I want my home to be a sanctuary ” response. Of course, I will feel freer to do the things I really want to do with my time. Needless to say, I would find it attractive. Also, if I could keep up with a system, habit or pattern that keeps my surroundings looking presentable, I suppose I could believe in myself and truly be able to conquer my doubts and have my dreams come true.

Staying in the messy bog is so familiar though.

Just like the old belief that all artists are alcoholics, maybe creatives don’t need to be so unkempt to be taken seriously either.

Hmm. I will have to meditate on that, if only I could find a place to sit.

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