Y4 – Day 208 – Purpose

“You will either step forward into growth,

 or you will step back into safety.”

Abraham Maslow

Which way to go? Indeed. Which way?

You want to be creative or find your dream. You want to add something. You feel you can do more. You fantasize. You work, take classes, get educated and have expectations.

Your purpose in life has several transmutations.This is what it looks like at this age, in this moment in history, at this moment in time.

Are you up for it?

When you don’t know where you are going next and are in the hallway, that’s when you need meditation, the ability and vulnerability to ask questions and to write in a journal where you can jot down all you want, see and feel. It is wise to meditate, be teachable and  start writing it out now because it takes practice. When you really need to use these tools, it’s good to already have them in place.

I am committed to my goal today and every thing I think, say and do brings me one step closer to it. – Cecilia

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