Y4 – Day 204 – The 3 R’s

Regret, Remorse and Resentment.

We must feel through it, experience the ick and then glean at least one bit of wisdom from these three places, once we are on the other side of them.

The opposite of regret is happiness. The action is gratitude. Instead of complaining, moaning about what you missed out on as you look back, appreciate what you have around you NOW.

The opposite of remorse is having a satisfied, good conscience. The action is letting go of shame. Instead of self-pity, obsessed with self, release your ego and own you’re only human. Once you have made amends, retracted an injurious statement or apologized, let the outcome resolve itself and make room for new, better choices and experiences, NOW.

The opposite of resentment is affection. The action is acceptance. Instead of raging against, poisoning the air around you, acquire a fresh perspective from a loving point of view. When someone has offended you and you still have a sick feeling in your gut, you have not overcome a single hurdle and are denying yourself happiness. When you see them and you feel no pit in your stomach, no sensory disgust, then you have forgiven them. But, when you feel sympathy, a secure welcoming stance when next you meet, then you have obtained a sort of nirvana. You have allowed love to take hold of your ego, accepting and receiving love and forgiveness and compassion back on to yourself. When this occurs, you realize we live in the NOW.

For we are all mirrors of each other.

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