Y4 – Day 210 – Liars

Always tell your story straight because otherwise you WILL get caught in a lie.

I do not tolerate LIARS!

Liars are always out to prove, get away with or manipulate something. Liars are not humble because liars never can see they are wrong or misperceiving anything. They explicitly demonstrate by lying that they think they are the center of the Universe.

Some of the worst liars, in my book, are the ones looking for sympathy. Victimhood is their middle name when they don’t get their way. They are never responsible for their own actions.

Run. Run. Run. Run away from the blood sucking zombies – truly the walking dead – looking to take your energy and body. They don’t care about you. They say they do, but they are LYING! It always comes back to square one and how it affects them.

Liars are thirsty and can never drink enough Kool-Aid. Liars are empty and can never be filled up. Liars are eager to swallow you whole if you are not on their side. Most liars are bullies too.

Most liars are narcissistic or have personality disorders of some sort. They do not care about your heart or good intentions. Liars live on a whole other planet and don’t abide by the same rules so don’t give them any quarter, EVER!

Liars – to state the obvious – have no conscience or remorse. They are in such disbelief that anyone even questions their facts or reality that they will destroy your reputation and good name.

Liars don’t have a meaning or purpose in life except to be delusional and fight tooth and nail to be winners of a world with limited resources and lack. They are like Daffy Duck when he scurries around announcing ‘It’s mine, mine, mine.”

Liars are selfish, greedy and disingenuous, of course, so you don’t know what you are dealing with from one day to the next. Liars will gaslight you till you start to believe the lies. They spread rumors as something they overheard from others or read about some where else so as not to be blamed personally for it later. And they don’t divulge their sources because they make them up or misconstrue a fact out of context. They are tricksters.

Liars are sad. They want to shine brighter, steal your thunder and take for themselves. You will get the morsels left if anything. They pathetically love compliments and will never give you any credit unless you shower them profusely with adoration.

Liars cannot and will not cultivate, explain or expand on any thoughts because all of them have been stolen.

Run away from Liars, they are dangerous when made powerful by your acknowledgement. Twisted and single-minded, Liars will destroy whatever is in their path for power, money or applause.

Sound like anyone you know?


“The world is a dangerous place to live;

not because of the people who are evil,

but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

Albert Einstein


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