Y5 – Day 233 – Honesty is not an Excuse

“Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.” ― Warren Wiersbe

Truth-telling is misused constantly, especially lately. The truth without compassion is an act of violence, it’s abusive but with understanding and tenderness, it is an act of love.

Similarly, love without trust, truth, respect, and loyalty is a lie. Yet unconditional love with honesty is freedom.

Y5 – Day 231 – A Purposeful Life

What makes for a purposeful life?

If you can answer what makes you tick and have a passion for, you know.

It’s certainly not the fame and fortune unless you use it to help others in some way, like Oprah or Bill Gates. Otherwise, it’s shallow.

Same with your talents and gifts. What makes you happy is giving it to the world, expression of self. From birth to sending it forth, generosity is a powerful intention.

Viewing Love, forgiveness, generosity and gratitude as a power greater than greed, hate, anger, resentment, arrogance and envy as your goal, is a positive response.


Y5 – Day 230 – Attitude Adjustment

Your attitude determines your mood. Physically upturn your mouth and place a smile on your face. Immediately, your thoughts lift.

Your mood determines your responses and choices on any given day. You are allowed to change your mind.

Your responses determine the quality of your relationships and your choices determine the quality of your life.

Therefore, my happiness quotient determines your fulfillment, contribution and purpose in life.

The heartbeat and rhythm of your life harkens back to your attitude.

LOVE and GRATITUDE moves you toward the right attitude.

Y5 – Day 228 – MFK Fisher

Read MFK Fisher’s memoir, A Year in Dijon. A foodie memoirist before the word was invented. She recounts her youthful 20’s during the in between world war years of peace in France, specifically the quaint town of Dijon. Her precise observations of people and settings are laced with interesting word combinations making the descriptions even more alive. There’s just enough dialogue and inner monologue to keep the narrative flowing and just enough funny incidents to keep it light.

Highly recommend if you are a history or food aficionado. Better, if you are both.

Y5 – Day 222 – Words Matter

Assertiveness with compassion is not the same as aggression with an agenda. It is the intent of boundaries vs. building walls.

Behind every spoken word is a design to manipulate, soothe, persuade, console, liberate or anger. Shall you speak to support or denigrate?

Some people are fueled by anger, blaming, judging and pay homage to an overall cynical, negative discontent. Other people’s energies are sapped by it.

Where lie you?

Forests instead of walls I say!

Authoritarianism ->Projecting strength and DemoniZing enemies and Dismantling institutions<- WARNING!




Y5 – Day 218 – Jealousy

I learned a peer just finished her book and was submitting to publishers via an agent. Proud of her but also jealous. And then I started to think about jealousy.

Are we jealous because we don’t appreciate or realize who we are and what we already have? Are we not willing to do the work and go through the strenuous work they did to get what we think we want to have too?

Furthermore, jealous of what? We can be envious of another’s long-lasting, loving, devoted partnership. It doesn’t have to be a manmade object. It can be a goal or an impossibility.

Jealousy encompasses looks, youth, height, attitude, confidence, sweetness, generosity – all things that cannot be changed. Although many try to mask, market and make alterations. But, you can’t change the beauty you see from the inside even in a well worn, tried and true, wrinkly person. And, you may be able to improve your performance or attitude. In that case, comparisons may be a boon to your life, a reaching up for higher levels of love and compassion.