Y5 – Day 214 – Ah Yes

Such awareness comes from digging deep. Ah yes, the places that scare you. And then, processing over time and returning to the point over and over again, peeling through more and more layers.

Wisdom and true experiential knowledge can only be achieved or felt by ingesting, masticating and swallowing truths.

The truth will set you free but, ah yes, first, it will piss you off.

Y5 – Day 213 – Mindful Devotion

What makes me tick? Besides my heart? In addition to my mind? Although all of it matters, I need to maintain my vehicle of spirit, my body. I must engage with self, inside, outside and all around.

After three days of doing nothing once, just putzing around and having no real agenda, just a list of maybe do’s – I found I could think clearly, finally. In this clarity, I heard, “yoga every day.”

Mindful devotion to this body connects me to my soul. Sitting in Meditation my soul connects me to my body. Taking care of the gift of life, I listen to my heart. I flourish and can help others when I rewire my body to soul to mind connection. It’s an energy loop.

As a matter of fact, it does come down to taking care of self. When you are centered, you become available to the world through your own unique talents and offerings. We are each a snowflake.

Y5 – Day 212 – Stillness Tells Me

By transforming, nourishing and empowering myself via different techniques like boundary setting, self-loving rituals and meditation, I can be a force for good.

When all around me darkness, low, encroaching clouds and people with false agendas abound, as death and destruction looms, I can stay serene in my sacred space of devotion, quiet contemplation and inspired wisdom to find the solution within acceptance and my part in it all.

If my part is one of stillness first, then secondly, I will know if I choose to act or be quiet. Do I respond or retreat? Do I deliberate or decide? Do I savor it or let it go?

Y5 – Day 185 – Death as Cathartic

Every great poet, artist, writer, dancer, musician, expressionist and philosopher has their obsession with death. Not only is it cathartic, but it is also our inevitable fate. As my late mother-in-law lay terminal, she assured me, no one gets out alive. Perhaps it is not morbid. Let’s view it with a different lens. Exploring our feelings and fears around death, including our own seems mature and more like a holistic approach. Certainly, it is the final letting go.

Our ultimate destination may or may not be the end of our consciousness. Your belief system determines how you grapple with dying. In fact, religions like to comfort you by putting the idea of your demise into a little, tidy, cozy box for you.

But creative types like to venture outside the box, rebel against the norm and explore.

The END helps me prioritize, discern how I schedule my time, deepen my quiet questioning, experience nature, relate to others, excites me about being alive, take self-care seriously and intend to BE love and compassion.

Y5 – Day 181 – Carving out Your own Space

Ideally, you create a sacred space within and without. An actual physical place can form a bond with your inner, unseen being. Perhaps, more than one location or theme is realized and may be sustained. This means many things to people. It can be an altar, a corner shelf or a whole room. A special place where you cleanse, pray, just pause or meditate by is an ancient rite found in women’s circles since mothers first gathered together for warmth and friendship with their children.

Instinctually, we light candles, scent our spaces and offer it small statuettes, natural finds, and visuals that stimulate and comfort us. At the treehouse, I gravitate towards placing crystals, grids, incense, wind chimes and things I love on a baker’s rack. Down the hill, I condition and bathe our yoga space with sage, candles, rose water, music and various stones. The yoga goddess circle is enhanced with singing bowls, tea service, inspirational cards, conscious breathing, meditations, props and deliberate movement.

In your own home, collect two to ten items that awaken love and authenticity in you and find a teeny or grand area. You may want to lay fabric or a tray down on your stable, display surface. Spend a moment to dedicate each treasure with your intentions and add them. Sit with your vignette daily.

Ideas for your sacred space range from the aforementioned to anything you find heartening. You may have inherited jewelry, silver or a photograph that arouses the soul or memory. Otherwise, choose pebbles, shells or twigs that impart earth vibrations. There is no wrong or right way to set up your spot no matter what you read on the internet because it’s what energy and time you infuse into it that matters. Also, remember, it is not set in stone and all environments benefit from a change, rearrangement, newness and letting go.