Y5 – Day 176 – Election Eve 2018

“We can learn the art of fierce compassion – redefining strength, deconstructing isolation and renewing a sense of community, practicing letting go of rigid us-vs.-them thinking – while cultivating power and clarity in response to difficult situations.”  – Sharon Salzberg

May tomorrow be a win for democracy, women, people in need, compassion, Mother Earth and love not fear!


Y5 – Day 174 – Global vs. National

Unbeknownst to Drumpf, we live in a global community. Enlightenment and Internet have yet to reach the White House. Only Twitter, fear and inciting his base exist.

When yesterday he spoke candidly of how he was a nationalist when probed, he said, “For too long we have given and cared about the rest of the world and not focused on our own country.”

That’s when it hit me. He doesn’t get the concept of what we give, we receive. He is dumbfounded by the power of generosity and the sheer joy of coming to the aid of others. Plainly, he finds no reason for empathy.

He believes abundance is in short supply, fearing he won’t get it ALL like Daffy Duck at Pismo Beach. “All mine, all mine,” he whimpered, then screamed as he ran around and tried to gather all the pearls out of oyster shells on the beach. Bugs Bunny just let karma take its course. “What’s up, Doc?” While he chomped on a carrot.

As a globalist, I invite all opinions that help, support and awaken me. I enlarge and expand spiritually, mentally and emotionally. In other words, I grow in wisdom when I listen, empathize and give to others.

As a nationalist, you hate, you bully and you become smaller. You remain stagnant and start to stink. You shrivel like a slug with every grain of salty nastiness.

This is spiritual law. And, Drumpf and his cronies who support this message don’t see past their own survival. I forgive them and love them so my heart is not turned to stone, as well.

But, I will always resist and fight for the freedoms the USA has afforded my family after escaping the same inane historical tyranny, generation after generation, continent to continent. Even if that ideal doesn’t exist here anymore.


Y5 – Day 164 – Invisible Connection

When we are in a state of limbo,  we scratch and try to crawl out of the dark hallway or give up entirely to stagnation.

If you are under the influence of another’s powers or under the duress of fear, you will stay in that position. If, on the other hand, you claim your invisible connection to the divine, profess responsibility and affirm your own potential, you will enter into a state of rebirth.

Cut the ties that bind you to any dysfunction.

Keep in your thoughts what makes sense to you and leave the rest.

Y5 – Day 162 – Listen to the Heart

Absolutely every time I listen to my ego (thoughts of power, prestige and pocketbook), it affects my relationships in a negative way.

Every decision or choice made from my ego gives me grief.

Whereas when I follow my heart,  I say, do and act exactly as I believe is the right way for all concerned. Perhaps that means I let go, give in or pardon something or someone.

Listening to my heart, I grace mine and other’s paths.

Y5 – Day 160 – Self-Confidence

The gifts you possess, the accomplishments you have had and the enthusiasm you feel, all contribute to your state of self-assurance.

If you continue to use your attributes, abilities and curiosity together, you will reach higher states of realization with each endeavor.

Your combined knowledge, personal techniques and unique views take on a characteristic all of their own. Therefore, even if someone else has the same idea, your version is still different. It may look similar but yours is originally your own.

When you take stock of your creativity and particular powers, you begin to believe in yourself. Self-confidence is a state of mind inspired by belief.

Whenever I look back on my proudest achievements, I consider the qualities I used to conquer my fears over the realities I wanted to attain. Of course, luck, timing and circumstance are relevant too.

Here’s a partial list of what I needed from myself in order to get what I wanted:

Consistency     Determination     Passion     Openness     Dedication     Generosity     Spirituality         Research           Organization         PATIENCE       Study Skills          Critical Thinking     Honesty        Planning         FOCUS        Energy     Motivation

List your top 5 successes in life and then make a list of the qualities you garnered, earned and reached in and pulled out of yourself without regard and beyond any self-negative or other’s talk and opinions.

Y5 – Day 159 – The Yoga State of Mind

It’s the nature, the silent, private space in your mind that ends the structures of time and desire. Inside of less or no stress, in NOT doing but just being, your routine becomes a yoga lifestyle full of divine devotion and conscious contact with the now.

The worship of Love, consistent mindfulness, and dedicated service instill wellness into this wicked world.

Staying positive and focused equals a commitment to self.

Y5 – Day 145 – Wholeness

Basically feeling whole is subjective. For me, it means three states of being.

  1. Being ok with the past. Compassionate perception, led by the heart and sprinkle in reaching out to others thereby showing I am human and I am vulnerable, flawed yet resilient.
  2. Doing my best, on that day, whatever that looks like. Effort equals a sense of accomplishment.
  3. Knowing I am divinely powered.

What does your whole self feel like to you?

Y5 – Day 126 – International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. It occurred to me that every day needs to be women’s day. I am sure we all thought that.

I am a Goddess and Goodness is my sacred teacher. I give thanks to Gratitude’s Good Grace. May we grow and germinate the earth with peace, love and joy.

White Tara, the goddess of serenity, compassion, healing and a long life.

Photo from the Empress Dowager exhibit at Bower’s Museum

Y5 – Day 122 – Authenticity

“We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present” – Marianne Williamson

Making amends to ourselves, forgiving our own harshness towards ourselves, we become guided by our true north, reconnecting with our actual power and the exact reason for our existence.

We can dissolve fear when we call for spiritual guidance and spread Love! When we live out every moment with vivid, deep, extraordinary and exciting vision, we explode in gratitude and see ourselves clearly.

Dare to shed your past Karma via radical forgiveness.

My spirit is eternal. It loves Harmony, Peace and Wonder. I trust that my highest good and greatest joy are unfolding now.