Y5 – Day 228 – MFK Fisher

Read MFK Fisher’s memoir, A Year in Dijon. A foodie memoirist before the word was invented. She recounts her youthful 20’s during the in between world war years of peace in France, specifically the quaint town of Dijon. Her precise observations of people and settings are laced with interesting word combinations making the descriptions even more alive. There’s just enough dialogue and inner monologue to keep the narrative flowing and just enough funny incidents to keep it light.

Highly recommend if you are a history or food aficionado. Better, if you are both.

Y5 – Day 201 – Amethyst

Have you ever been attracted to boulders, river rocks, geology or gemstones?

Have you considered why you like certain types of jewelry over another? Research your favorite gems and their spiritual properties.

Do you currently or have you ever carried a stone for luck or worry before? Take any clean, small, smooth stone you find particularly interesting and dedicate its meaning to you by writing one word on it with a permanent marker.

For example, hope, love, self-nurture, compassion, forgiveness, kindness or a short phrase; Let Go, Be on Time, Slow Down. Then, keep the stone close to you and remind yourself throughout the day.

Taken¬†At Bower’s January 2019

Y5 – Day 187 – Calvin Coolidge

It’s 1/9/19 – cool.

My husband shared a Calvin Coolidge quote. “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence…Press on has solved the problems of the human race.”

While I believe that putting your nose to the grindstone and taking the next indicated step no matter what, whether you are inspired or not, I also have faith that divine intervention or universal consciousness (whatever you want to call it) is part of every expression or work of art, whether the world sees or receives it at the time or ever.

Discipline is the foundation of your practice but inspiration, devotion and zeal is the heart of your practice.

Y5 – Day 142 – Love Never Dies

On Sunday, we had the pleasure of attending the sequel to the Phantom, Love Never Dies.

The story is based on the novel The Phantom of New York. It took place on Coney Island, in fact.

Getting dressed up and made up for the show was part of the package. Act 1 was a revelation but once we grasped the reality of the situation and bought into it as being plausible, Act 2 scenes soared as high as any moment in the original Andrew Lloyd Weber show.

BTW – Hamilton is coming to town as you can see on the marquee behind us. I am grateful to have both Sunday showings and experiencing it first on Mother’s Day with my V.