I am excited about joining a new course that starts in January and lasts for 6 months. I have been hestitant to sign up because it will take commitment, consistency and discipline. I am not the picture of a structured or orderly life so I have been procrastinating making a decision. This writing course will demand I look inside deep and long as well as take much of my time. Therefore, I am being accountable to you, dear blog reader, even if it’s just me. I have tried in the past to write and made progress until I was given unwelcome criticism. Being thin-skinned is one thing but realizing it at this age is different.

How would my life had looked if I had more emotional regulation? What would I be doing if I had had the confidence? Where would my writing be now if I had developed a strong sense of self? What would my relationships feel and be like if I had learned to set boundaries? For that matter, if I had known what my boundaries were?

It’s now or never at this point, so I am diving in. Even if I don’t publish, I know I have a manuscript waiting to be birthed, a memoir perhaps, to sort it all out.

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