Our precious 17 year old gorgeous cat Capu has passed into the great big pet heaven in the sky. I imagine our previous felines are waiting for her over the rainbow,

Her kidneys were failing and she was walking wobbly due to loss of muscle. Plus, she wasn’t eating and hiding in the closet which along with the vet visit confirmed she was declining fast and probably in pain. Cats may not vocalize physical distress and instead as middle predator will hide and seek a place away from danger and want to be alone.

We had a traveling hospice vet come to our house and our family had the opportunity to say goodbye and see her off. It was an absolutely horrible choice to make but supposedly the most compassionate.

Although everyone says it’s the kindest way to go It still doesn’t feel good or even right. I imagine with the grief and sadness we will have lovely memories as well as guilt (we could have done more). Making this sort of final decision for a suffering animal is complicated and incomprehensible.

RIP Capuchina 2006-2023

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