Y5 – Day 196 – Retreat Time

Off to a retreat in Rancho Palos Verdes today on 8 acres of gardens overlooking LA after four days of rain. Constant washing of leaves brings glitter and glam to the whole scenario. Dormant clay dirt comes alive and an emerald green sprouts. Days ago the hills were brown and tan, now, they seem otherworldly.

Y5 – Day 192 – Discernment

Discerning what works and doesn’t work for you is crucial.

Less grumbling, complaining, criticizing and judging versus gratitude, seeing the lesson and the positive is healthy.

If you have fear, what’s motivating it? What drives you to anger? Deep and insightful self-inquiry is a form of discernment.

By being open, kind and giving with the love that wells up in us, dwelling in the soft part of our hearts, we become approachable, lovable and hopeful. That is the paradox. Hardened, hurt and bitter people do not want to appear vulnerable but it is that very same generosity and humility of spirit that attracts others to us.

Feeling ashamed for your sweet sentiments, thoughts or nature, you slowly dim your light. Of course, make sure you are discerning of whom and where you are before.

Y5 – Day 191 – Health

Intelligent Eating + Exercise = Health

And what does intelligent, smart or correct eating mean?

For me, I choose organic, vegan foods. If I was always on my game, all my foods would be whole. I like to eat processed vegan foods so I am not always so conscious. I know for me, I just can’t have sugar, wheat or peanut butter. They are triggers and lead me into the black hole of bingeing.

There are some obvious unhealthy choices like fries that could be considered treats. If you can have just one, then it has no power over you. I am not one of those people. So, it’s smart for me to know what my triggers are and then to stay away from them. Just one bite and I am off and running.

Exercise can mean a walk around the block, one hour on the elliptical or a game of tennis. Everyone needs to determine their start point and build upon it.

Whatever works for you WILL work for you but getting your head around it first and then planning it is best. You have to feel ready and balanced to begin or refresh your regimen. Or, you have to be fed up. If you feel sick and tired of being sick and tired, you must not give up. Just take it one step, one meal and one day at a time.

Y5 – Day 190 – Speak

Ask for personal space, order and consideration. Only then can you make the world a better place by prioritizing and illuminating your gifts. Your younger self would be proud of all that you have accomplished thus far. Constant self-improvement is life practice. Speak your mind. Use your imagination.

A free spirit needs to deconstruct before she can rebuild.

Y5 – Day 189 – Boundaries

Boundaries. Set them. Physically distance yourself if you must. Doctor’s orders.

Get strategic sentences and tips from masters of well-defined limits. Your terms.

Stop spreading your energy everywhere except on yourself.

Make your days consist of taking care of yourself and enjoying your time and the world.


Y5 – Day 187 – Calvin Coolidge

It’s 1/9/19 – cool.

My husband shared a Calvin Coolidge quote. “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence…Press on has solved the problems of the human race.”

While I believe that putting your nose to the grindstone and taking the next indicated step no matter what, whether you are inspired or not, I also have faith that divine intervention or universal consciousness (whatever you want to call it) is part of every expression or work of art, whether the world sees or receives it at the time or ever.

Discipline is the foundation of your practice but inspiration, devotion and zeal is the heart of your practice.