Y5 – Day 233 – Honesty is not an Excuse

“Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.” ― Warren Wiersbe

Truth-telling is misused constantly, especially lately. The truth without compassion is an act of violence, it’s abusive but with understanding and tenderness, it is an act of love.

Similarly, love without trust, truth, respect, and loyalty is a lie. Yet unconditional love with honesty is freedom.

Y5 – Day 231 – A Purposeful Life

What makes for a purposeful life?

If you can answer what makes you tick and have a passion for, you know.

It’s certainly not the fame and fortune unless you use it to help others in some way, like Oprah or Bill Gates. Otherwise, it’s shallow.

Same with your talents and gifts. What makes you happy is giving it to the world, expression of self. From birth to sending it forth, generosity is a powerful intention.

Viewing Love, forgiveness, generosity and gratitude as a power greater than greed, hate, anger, resentment, arrogance and envy as your goal, is a positive response.


Y5 – Day 230 – Attitude Adjustment

Your attitude determines your mood. Physically upturn your mouth and place a smile on your face. Immediately, your thoughts lift.

Your mood determines your responses and choices on any given day. You are allowed to change your mind.

Your responses determine the quality of your relationships and your choices determine the quality of your life.

Therefore, my happiness quotient determines your fulfillment, contribution and purpose in life.

The heartbeat and rhythm of your life harkens back to your attitude.

LOVE and GRATITUDE moves you toward the right attitude.

Y5 – Day 228 – MFK Fisher

Read MFK Fisher’s memoir, A Year in Dijon. A foodie memoirist before the word was invented. She recounts her youthful 20’s during the in between world war years of peace in France, specifically the quaint town of Dijon. Her precise observations of people and settings are laced with interesting word combinations making the descriptions even more alive. There’s just enough dialogue and inner monologue to keep the narrative flowing and just enough funny incidents to keep it light.

Highly recommend if you are a history or food aficionado. Better, if you are both.

Y5 – Day 227 – Limited, NOT

Limited thinking never works to your advantage.

Instead, go slow with the flow and grow.

Expansion of helpful emotions like love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and generosity feeds your soul, the earth and all beings.

Contraction, limited thinking, like fear, hatred, judgment, prejudice and intolerance only limits YOU and therefore, your soul, the earth and all beings.

Be an agent of change, BE love and spread LOVE!

Y5 – Day 226 – The Secret Weapon

Your secret weapon is the breath. Breathwork changes you. Mindfulness infiltrates within the gap or pauses at the top and bottom of the inhalation and the exhalation.

A Meditation

Settle yourself comfortably. Sit on a cushion or a chair, spine erect or lie on your back with the utmost care and in a restful posture. Add pillows, blankets or any helpful, familiar throws or quilts. Get snug and comfy but try to stay alert. Or, remove them and adjust till you find yourself at ease.

Close your eyes. If you’re comfortable with that. Or, gaze lightly in few feet in front of you. Breathe in deeply. As you breathe out, let go of any tension. Do this 3 times at least. Perhaps breathe in slow and exhale with an audible sigh.

Deliberately take 3-4 more breaths in and out, feeling the air as it enters your nostrils, fills your chest and abdomen, and flows out again.

Then let your breathing settle into its natural rhythm, without forcing or controlling it. Continue to breathe effortlessly in your own way. Just feel the breath as it happens, without trying to change it or improve it. You’re breathing anyway. All you have to do is feel it. Rest your attention lightly – as casually as a butterfly rests on a flower.

Now, In your mind say your name silently to yourself and tell yourself to relax and feel yourself relaxing. Become aware of any sensations that come up. Is there any tingling? Do you feel pulsations? Vibrations? Keep breathing naturally.

Again, in your own mind, say your name, say relax and feel yourself relaxing and letting go. Are you feeling pressure? Breathe into that area. Can you feel yourself stretching and releasing? Once more, say your name, say relax, let go even further.

Feel every part of you relaxing. Say your name silently to yourself and Tell your body to relax. Body relaxing. Now say your name and tell your mind to relax. Mind unwinding.

Whisper your name to self and place your hands on your heart. Tell your heart to melt into the vast space of the body. Your heart relaxes and you let it relax and it soothes you.

Let your attention rest on the feeling of the sensations and your restful breath. You don’t need to make the breath deeper or longer or different from the way it is. Just notice. Simply be aware of your breath and the sensations of letting go into tranquility.

Now say your name and Tell your fingers to relax. Fingers and hands untangle, untying tension. Say your name and allow your belly to soften, abdomen quiet and calm.

Feel the air and energy around your skin and Now tell your skin to relax. Let the skin breathe out with peace and serenity.

Allow your jaw to drop and release by opening your mouth and shifting the lower mandible or jawbone left to right and back several times. Jaw and face tranquil and relieved of tension.

Feel how good it is to be still and peaceful, letting your body release all stress. Letting your mind enjoy peace and quiet.


As we come to the close of this meditation and calmly return to the moment, here, right now, take a moment to feel the pleasure that comes from taking care of yourself, paying attention, taking risks and bringing self-love and nurturing to your practice. Experience the joy of making healthy choices. Take 3 deep breaths in and out, come back into the room and when you’re ready to move into the day, open your eyes.