Y4 – Day 272 – Who are You?

Let’s bring in honesty. Let’s agree that whether you are listening to Osteen’s optimistic sermons or believe in Karma, having a positive image and opinion of yourself works to your benefit – and therefore everyone around you.

For too long I have been under the illusion that belittling myself was attractive to others. It helped you attain greatness. Meanwhile, I was swimming in self doubt and eventually, self loathing. This path leads to destruction, despair and depression. Wallowing in your flaws and asserting their existence only perpetuates them further into your life. It is totally useless.

At first, I had to make believe I was worthy. I have been saying affirmations for more than a dozen years. I am pretty thick headed.

Lately, I have had a shift. I feel I deserve to go ahead and claim my gifts.

  1. I signed up for a 30 day clearing group/workbook. Everyday, we move towards our goals and encourage each other
  2. I am starting a Life Challenge with two close friends and a sea of fellow women    change seekers on FB.
  3. I am working with others on improving.
  4. I am checking in with mentors.
  5. I am joining up with communities socially to learn, support and be open to receiving too.
  6. I hired a writing coach and sent in some samples, beginning in earnest, this week. This was a huge step for me as it meant I was ready to share, prepare, re-write and commit to taking this seriously and concentrate exclusively on this as a priority.
  7. I just joined a 6 week meditation course with Yoga International to deepen my practice.

If you are dying to do something – write, meditate and pray on it. The answers will come.

For so many years I have dreamt, educated myself, marinated and desired to believe in myself. I have worked hard to get to this place.

I know the better you feel about yourself, the better the world looks and the more you attract the best people into your life. It gives you confidence to follow through on your passions and pursue them in earnest.

This year is my year and I am going to make it happen because the Universe is on my side, the time is ripe and I feel motivated and driven!

I  am worthy. I do deserve to be accomplished and a success in my chosen field!

So do you.

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