Y4 – Day 273 – Liberation

We are so conditioned by society to behave a certain way, think inside boxes and treat ourselves, problems and others in predetermined manners.

I say that’s what kills the creative, independent, confident, free thinker in all of us. Breaking through whatever circumstance you are born into, we fight our way back to our pure authentic selves, hopefully. At least, I think that’s what mindfulness, awakening to our soul and meditation is all about.

I am enough. I shun the shackles. I am the only one who can liberate me. That’s the journey and where you find meaning in life.

Rather than remaining a victim of chance, a puppet cut out from everyone else’s thoughts of who you are where labels are imposed on us – what if – we stopped pleasing others (within limits, of course, I am not a beast nor do I want to return to primitive behavior)? Stopped being a servant to norms? and what if we owned our powerful, talented, brilliant selves without feeling conceited or selfish?

Sounds like women’s/people’s lib to me. ┬áCount me in.

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