Y4 – Day 271 – Happy First Day of 2017

Ok – Let’s get clear – for the New Year!

Some people are going to want to gather up Christmas, put away and just watch TV and rest.

Others are going to sweep, dust and declutter.

A few will peek inside and do some inner work too.

We are going to attempt all of that!

  1. Put away holiday of LAST year.
  2. Hang up clothes, do laundry, wash dishes, dust out the high and low corners, sweep, vacuum and then…
  3. Get out your incense, or cleansing rose, woodsy, citrus or sage spray, your palo alto/sage sticks and scent the corners and perimeters of your home, room by room or the most used ones. Open windows and send out any remaining negative attachments.
  4. Do some spiritual reading. Write down a few desires, dreams or goals you would like to continue into the new year. Discard what doesn’t interest or serve you anymore and be discerning, truthful and delete the toxic or unnecessary.
  5.  Meditate for at least 5 minutes and write down any inspirations, ideas or projects you want to start in the coming months.

Share only what you want and be careful with whom.

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