Y4 – Day 220 – Infinite Mind

I sometimes remember to ask the Infinite Mind of my soul and existence to help me write and let the words flow. Unfortunately, the messages that download right onto the page are not internet or public ready. That is, they are so personal and intimate, I could only share them in private, if ever.

In everyone’s life story there is the tale of the hero’s journey. The search always ends up with the answers coming from within, even if the events are external. The struggle or the turmoil and the solution or the conclusion are inside the inner sanctum. What we may see, appears to be playing out on the surface, but it is not about that.

Joy, serenity and happiness replace shame, remorse and repentance when we allow gratitude to fill up the hole, that void within. Replacing – negative tapes inside our heads, the inner critics or ‘the three stooges’ as I call them, the labels we inherited and believe we still need to believe in and carry around, the false identities or masks we wear – with new perceptions and our authentic selves makes us all alchemists, poets and artists.


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