Y4 – Day 221 – Just a Theory

Just a theory:

Creative types are vulnerable, especially getting into trouble with addiction due to five (5) major weaknesses that can become their greatest strengths if they recover, becoming sober emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically.

  1. They take risks.
  2. They do not feel accepted by society as if they don’t fit in, they feel different because they see the world differently.
  3. They sense and feel everything and they feel it profoundly.
  4. They reject authority. They lack healthy coping skills because they refuse remedy till they hit bottom. But not accepting the norm helps them see outside the box if they don’t self destruct first.
  5. They need to escape but when their expression is ridiculed, thwarted, condemned or frustrated they rely on drugs, food or unhealthy actions in order to seek oblivion, checking out from the ‘cruel’ world. When lucid, they feel directed and guided to share their unique offerings instead.


Happy Outdoor Expressions!

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