Y4 – Day 184 – Petty

I am not talking about Tom Petty.

Have you ever noticed how you may get stuck in stubbornness over the silliest things?

When I contemplate: death, the meaning of life, the future of this planet, humans falling into the cliff of inhumanness, differences in culture and social norms, I tend to extinguish the petty thoughts of my ego mind, my own little issues and sink into a pool of self righteous indignation.

What really matters? What is your priority? As I get older, wiser but more set in my ways, perhaps, I narrow down what I want to focus on. At the same time, I widen my awareness on just about everything.

The truth behind the illusionary curtain is just a step away from madness. I join Van Gogh, Poe and Rodin when I see beyond light and travel straight into the darkness of being. In order to live in this world we have created, bury the head.

But, in the garden of muses, I roam and I am. Laughter, good humor and joy replace the dread. I wear the mantle lightly, now. I welcome the gift of gratitude. I save myself for the simple, not the petty. I hold on to nothing and nothing holds me back.


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