Y4 – Day 183 – Back to Normal?

My husband asked me when I would start blogging again. I guess I have been remiss.

I am so short sighted and anti authoritarian I will even rebel against my own rules, schedule I organized and lengthy commitments I pledged to myself ( that I sincerely meant at the time) for myself.

I have a million excuses. My laptop went to the Apple hospital. I had another daughter visit. I decided to clean house. I entertained leaving the state. I shopped, cooked and baked vegan goodies. I gardened. ETC….

Basically, I was in a writing slump. At exactly the same time I was supposed to sit down and get to it. I now know that about myself. The psychological noise tunnel in my head likes to play with me.

I believe showing up is half the battle.

It is time to shine even if no one else sees the glow coming from my heart, words and soul.


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