Y4 – Day 182 – Gratitude for B-day Wishes

I only have the utmost gratitude and heartfelt astonishment at all the birthday wishes, cards, FB messages, texts, gifts and telephone calls I received this year. I had no expectations. Imagine my bewilderment.

The day before my b-day, the love of my life announced he was way too busy and behind schedule to leave early enough from work and not hit the horrendous traffic on the 91. I would see him bright and early the morning of my actual b-day. This suited me fine. I had lots of work and writing planned. Terrific, I thought. Let’s make those appointments and get some contractors up here, while we are at it.

We looked around the lake and decided it was wiser to stay in our treehouse and just update. We know our neighbors, we love the views and it has good bones. Yes, it is small and right across the street from a lively Christian Go-Away camp, but I don’t need to clean bigger and it is kind of wonderful to hear the laughter of children across the street. Therefore, Friday afforded me the time to have some estimates for flooring, a new bathroom and resurfacing the fireplace.

On Saturday morning, somewhere in the wee hours, M texted me HB. At 5 or so, I awoke and showered and got ready to see M, knowing Cindi would hear him come up the road first, wagging her tail and rushing over to the front door. At 6:48, I received the text from M he was off the freeway. I put my timer on for 25 minutes, the time it takes to climb up the 18 to our treehouse. Meanwhile, I dressed carefully and spent quality time putting on my make up. Although all I wanted to do for my birthday was hang around, I still wanted to look my best and have my best face forward for any selfies to send to the kids.

A little after seven, my alarm ding donged and Cindi heard M’s loud, black Mercedes coupe up the road. Both alerted me. I leashed Cindi and stepped out onto the covered wooden deck outside our front door. The dog was ecstatic as usual and we ran down the steps and around the next level of stairs. She stopped, so I stood there waiting for M to get out of the parked car he backed into our driveway. We both remained there expecting his door to swing open and all wagging and joy to let loose. Instead… the passenger door opened on our side.

I dropped the leash and covered my face in total surprise, tears streaming. V, my daughter, shouted out “Happy Birthday!” The dog took off and greeted them both like it was a party and indeed the whole weekend became one.

Thank you for these amazing gifts, thank you!


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