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In an attempt to describe, enhance and encounter fellow experiences in life, I am indebted to my children, husband and friends for their support on every kind of level to express my passion, enthusiasm and word/picture play on this website.

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Y5 – Day 218 – Jealousy

I learned a peer just finished her book and was submitting to publishers via an agent. Proud of her but also jealous. And then I started to think about jealousy.

Are we jealous because we don’t appreciate or realize who we are and what we already have? Are we not willing to do the work and go through the strenuous work they did to get what we think we want to have too?

Furthermore, jealous of what? We can be envious of another’s long-lasting, loving, devoted partnership. It doesn’t have to be a manmade object. It can be a goal or an impossibility.

Jealousy encompasses looks, youth, height, attitude, confidence, sweetness, generosity – all things that cannot be changed. Although many try to mask, market and make alterations. But, you can’t change the beauty you see from the inside even in a well worn, tried and true, wrinkly person. And, you may be able to improve your performance or attitude. In that case, comparisons may be a boon to your life, a reaching up for higher levels of love and compassion.

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