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In an attempt to describe, enhance and encounter fellow experiences in life, I am indebted to my children, husband and friends for their support on every kind of level to express my passion, enthusiasm and word/picture play on this website.

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Y5 – Day 178 – Gratitude for the House

Although we didn’t quite get a Blue Wave, Washington got splashed on enough to perhaps, just maybe hope, to put a check on this fascist. We need to start calling it what it is. The sooner we do, the better.

In a fit of panic, my mother called me. “Are you watching the news?”

No, I replied, “I am taking the day off from politics and nurturing myself today.” I proceeded to ask her why, though.

As it turns out, Mr. Orange was spewing how he won and how great he is and on and on, I guess, about lies and fear. She said only someone who has lived through dictatorship could understand her angst. I said, “I know.”

We cannot become a version of 1984 or Germany pre- WW2. Or what made my family flee from Argentina. Every one of us came from a torn family, escaping and/or looking for something. We wanted better for our children. Unless, you are a descendant of an indigenous tribe, or forced into slavery, you were given exile here. We must learn from history, philosophy and humanitarian studies. We still need to put up a fight and we still need to call lies out.

Never have I seen such dedication to the country as those who participated and voted for common decency and Statue of Liberty values yesterday.

I am grateful to the press that hammers away at what is starting to look like an unbelievably corrupt and nefarious, dangerous White House and all their power hungry, greedy, nationalistic cronies.

I will continue to honor my ethics and care for myself today in quiet solitude. In order to be of service, we must preserve our ideals and maintain equanimity within.

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