Y5 – Day 174 – Global vs. National

Unbeknownst to Drumpf, we live in a global community. Enlightenment and Internet have yet to reach the White House. Only Twitter, fear and inciting his base exist.

When yesterday he spoke candidly of how he was a nationalist when probed, he said, “For too long we have given and cared about the rest of the world and not focused on our own country.”

That’s when it hit me. He doesn’t get the concept of what we give, we receive. He is dumbfounded by the power of generosity and the sheer joy of coming to the aid of others. Plainly, he finds no reason for empathy.

He believes abundance is in short supply, fearing he won’t get it ALL like Daffy Duck at Pismo Beach. “All mine, all mine,” he whimpered, then screamed as he ran around and tried to gather all the pearls out of oyster shells on the beach. Bugs Bunny just let karma take its course. “What’s up, Doc?” While he chomped on a carrot.

As a globalist, I invite all opinions that help, support and awaken me. I enlarge and expand spiritually, mentally and emotionally. In other words, I grow in wisdom when I listen, empathize and give to others.

As a nationalist, you hate, you bully and you become smaller. You remain stagnant and start to stink. You shrivel like a slug with every grain of salty nastiness.

This is spiritual law. And, Drumpf and his cronies who support this message don’t see past their own survival. I forgive them and love them so my heart is not turned to stone, as well.

But, I will always resist and fight for the freedoms the USA has afforded my family after escaping the same inane historical tyranny, generation after generation, continent to continent. Even if that ideal doesn’t exist here anymore.


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