Y5 – Day 173 – VOTE

One of the most important voting moments in history is upon us. Why? Because after the discouraging outcome wherein once again the popular vote was ousted in favor of discriminatory practices (see 2000 judicial decision and 2016 gerrymandering lines), a message must be sent to ugly, angry, fear-mongering Americans.

Instead of hateful, separation of children as if they were less than your drycleaning and couldn’t be bothered to have a receipt in order to re-unite┬áthem with their parents, I vote for not repeating evil practices that harken back to genocidal eras.

I voted already, actually and I voted with my heart, not my pocketbook.

Allowing violence, hypocrisy and sexual assault to normalize our cultural speak is abhorrent to the spiritual side of ourselves.

We have already permitted way too much to go on untethered to what we know to be of value. Our environment, our climate and other sentient beings need us.

Are we to abandon all of our common and survival senses? No world will survive without saving it in unison. Dollars for billionaires don’t bring back habitats destroyed, waters polluted or unbreathable air.

Vote for your life!

Vote for decency!

Vote to still have a vote in 2020, not a tyrannical lunatic.

Vote November 6th!

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