Y4 – Day 7 – Happy Homecoming Birthday Cindi!

Two years ago today, we adopted and brought home our sweet and loving doggie, Cindi.

Our relationship has deepened and we learn so much from her. Every moment, is the best moment in time for her and she actually lives in the moment. She plays and she rests ( a lot ) and we appreciate her disposition and personality, reminding us, how precious our wonderful life is and how lucky we all are.

M loves to take long walks with her and driving her to new areas while she sits in her fluffy, soft pet cushion, in the front seat.

I love to give her baths, go for walks and having her always by me like a pal. She has definitely been good for my mental and physical health.

We both love having her sleep on our bed, snuggling atop our comforter, burrowing under a blanket, and the way she greets us with wild abandon, kisses and prancing, tail a wagging, every time, we come home.

M particularly likes bringing her to run errands on weekends, even the grocery store. Here, she is checking out the cereal aisle and needed a little extra sweatshirt, because you know how it gets cold at the supermarket.



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