Y4 – Day 6 – Credenza

Well, my credenza finally came from Beyond Stores. Never, ever, ever, ever buy anything from them. Way fair was prompt and Houzz was beautiful and timely but Beyond Stores was a nightmare. I put the order in on Dec. seventh of 2015. I received the credenza at 5:30 pm, Jan. 13th, after so many phone calls back and forth that I know employees’ names, voices and they know mine.

After moving it around all over, I finally settled on the initial and intended location, in the dining room, under the huge white mirror, against the accent wall painted in slate violet (which I adore).

I chose the credenza because of its dimensions, warm, dark colors of deep teal grey and brown wood grained top and distressed, stately style.

I have been learning about vignettes and stylist tricks. I first began with a bare bones stage, choosing my objects by quality, color and appropriateness.

Then in the second picture, I added more organic items that brought energy to the room and made the wall and us, sing with glee.

You and I know this will probably look just a tad different and I will play with it to suit my mood, weekly, if not daily. But, oh, what fun!



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